SEO tips: Use your latest PR news

Google rewards websites with fresh, relevant and unique content. And regardless of how a visitor ends up on your site, chances are that your latest piece of PR news is going to be of interest.

PR consultant Sue Ormesher tells us just why it is important to keep your latest news page current and up to date.

Sue also looks at what it is you should be posting, why you should be posting it and what exactly it will help you achieve.

Content is king.

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Google Mobile First, Algorithm Update, 2017 SEO Advice & More – This week was expected to be slow because of the holiday week but hey, we may have had a small Google algorithm update but I doubt it. Google said the mobile first index is not yet live. Google’s advice to SEOs for 2017 is to focus on their mobile page SEO stuff. Google may be mislabeling pages as not mobile friendly. Google said slow pages might be labeled as not mobile friendly. Although Google’s mobile first index might not measure page speed on launch. Google said they do not throttle or have a quota on how much traffic a site can get in a day. Google said you may notice a link count drop in Google Search Console. Google said CDNs are safe to host with. Google launched a new recipe user interface on mobile and is testing a new mobile search results interface. Google sent out messages about nonsecure login pages. Google’s John Mueller did spend some of his Christmas day helping webmaters. And we have the New Years eve logo from Google already. Happy new years and that is the search news we covered at the Search Engine Roundtable.

Google Algorithm Update During Holiday Break? Doubt It. :
Google: Mobile First Index Is Not Yet Live :
Google 2017 SEO Advice: Make Sure You Optimize For Mobile Like You Do For Desktop :
Google Misinforming Webmasters That Their Page Is Not Mobile Friendly :
Google: Slow Pages Might Be Labeled As Not Mobile Friendly :
The Google Mobile First Index Won’t Measure Page Speed :
Google: We Have No Web Site Page Quota & Do Not Throttle Traffic :
Google: CDNs Are Safe & Shouldn’t Hurt Your Rankings :
Some May See A Drop In Google Link Counts In Search Console :
New Google Recipe Search Results Mobile User Interface :
Google Tests New Mobile Search Results Interface? :
Google Search Console Notifications: Nonsecure Collection Of Passwords In Chrome :
John Mueller Of Google Helping Webmasters On Christmas Day Again :
Here Is Google’s New Years Eve Day Logo For 2016 :

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