Yea, Yea I know I am lately not really active but I think it will be like this for a long time. I will be posting when I feel like it! – ANYWAYS! Kim Seulgi is my superhero! I love editing her so much! no matter what kind of role she plays! SO IN THE FUTURE BE PREPARED FOR MORE EDITS 😀 I am currently busy with a few projects I can’t wait till I finish them and upload them so you guys can see it 😀 also I am close to my 2K subbies and tbh I still can’t believe it. Oh, I am so happy that allot of people enjoy my videos! it makes me really, really happy! and less insecure.

This is a goodbye to this drama, I will miss this ship and although I expected more storyline between the two of them.. but then again Key & Seulgi rocked their characters big time!

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三流之路 – 朴敘俊最新廣告 Park Seo joon 박서준 칠성사이다 Chilsung Cider CF


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Tips Tuesday Recap– Secure Site Setup, WP Text Widget and Editor, SEO Crawler

Get more info on the news and happenings covered in this week’s Tips Tuesday. Links here http://bit.ly/tt170711

Tips this week include:
• Launch of the Secure Site Setup Webinar
• How doing new things on your site can reveal problems
• Why same ole same ole site ways don’t cut it anymore
• How the Millennials are doing things differently – and succeeding
• How getting educated about your site saves you from getting ripped off
• Progress on the WP 4.8 Rich Text Widget
• When WP 4.8.1 might roll out
• Why some folks are pleading for Gutenberg to not be included in core
• When we might see Gutenberg available for all sites
• The new link counter in Yoast SEO 5.0 and how to make use of it
• Why you shouldn’t worry about duplicate content issues when repurposing
• A new SEO crawler I’m checking out
• Let’s Encrypt passing the 100 million mark with certificates and what’s coming
• Rich Snippets basics and adding them with Google Tag Manager
• Why nginx is a host’s best friend to speed up a site
• Which is the best host for you

SEO This Week Episode 41 – Yelp SEO, Ranking Infographics, & More

Check out the full list on the blog at: https://www.digitaleer.com/seo-this-week/episode-41/
Welcome to another episode of SEO This Week!  This week in Episode 41 we bring you a look at behavioral marketing and why you should be leveraging it for your business.  We tackle the definition of “engagement” and why it’s important to keep it going.  We look at some SEO audit tips from Twitter and we learn a great method to build links using a step by step plan to promote them after you get it made.  We also have a newcomer to the roll-up who shows us how to optimize our Yelp listing for some ranking boosts.
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Seo Taiji  Revealed the Reason he Chose BTS to Remake “Come Back Home”

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Kpop News – Seo Taiji Xin Lỗi Vì Không Đáp Ứng Kỳ Vọng Của Fan Với MV Remake Do BTS Thể Hiện

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Seo Taiji Xin Lỗi Vì Không Đáp Ứng Kỳ Vọng Của Fan Với MV Remake Do BTS Thể Hiện
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Yonghwa looks after twins Seo Uhn and Seo Jun on ‘Superman is Back’

On July 6, broadcast insiders revealed Yonghwa was filming for the KBS family show.

It’s not his first time on the show, however, as he previously appeared alongside CNBLUE member Jonghyun last April to look after Ki Tae Young and Eugene’s cute daughter, Rohee.

The air date for Yonghwa’s episode of ‘Superman is Back’ has yet to be confirmed, so stay tuned for updates


📫 SEO Motivation & Weiterbildung; Links oder Inhalte?; Viele Kurznews – SEO NEWS Juni 2017 📬

Die SEO NEWS als Rückblick auf den letzten Monat. (Juni 2017)

Was ist in der SEO Szene los gewesen?
Was stand in den Artikeln der wichtigsten SEO Blogs.
Welche Ableitungen können wir daraus ziehen?

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1:00 Kurzmeldungen

Brian Dean hat Artikel geupdated
http://backlinko.com/seo-copywriting (29.06.2017)
http://backlinko.com/seo-tools (31.05.2017)

Spectral – Prototyp einer dynamischen Schriftart

Neil Patel Blog in Deutsch – WordPress Plugins

How to Dominate SEO With the 46 Hottest WordPress Plugins

Google for Jobs
https://blog.searchmetrics.com/de/2017/06/29/google-jobs/ (Meinung von Experten)

Wer kauft heute noch Backlinks?

Umfrageergebnis: Kaufst du Backlinks für deine Projekte und/oder Kunden?

SEO Studiengang?

Suchmaschinenoptimierung bei der afs-Akademie

SEO Bundestag?

Bundestagswahl 2017: Wer gewinnt im SEO? +Grafiken!

SEO Movie?

SEO: The Movie (Official Page of SEO The Movie) – Watch Now!

Was ist das Schlimmste an SEO?

Mehr SEO als Podcast:
Alexander Walz: https://www.seo-turtles.de/ueber-uns/seo-podcast/
Christian B. Schmidt: http://www.cbschmidt.de/videoblog/

12:15 Webmaster Blog Google:

13:24 BuzzSumo: Überschriften Analyse und Takeaways

We Analyzed 100 Million Headlines. Here’s What We Learned (New Research)

14:53 Moz: Content mit Feinden erfolgreich machen

17:08 Moz: Gründe für und gegen den Besuch auf einer SEO-Konferenz

18:03 neilpatel: Inhalte oder Links zuerst?

19:22 quicksprout: 826 Backlinks auf einem Artikel

How I Built 826 Backlinks to a Single Article in 8 Weeks

20:25 searchmetrics: Finanzbranche online Optimierung

Ranking-Faktoren im Finanzbereich: Das Online-Erfolgsgeheimnis der Sparkasse

22:09 sistrix: Nutzerorientierte Webseiten

Nutzerorientierung: Warum die Websites vieler Unternehmen bei Google nicht erfolgreich sind

23:27 SEOKratie: Kundenbewertungen im E-Commerce

24:34 onpage: XXL Guide – E-Commerce Landingpages

25:55 tagseoblog: SEO Ziele und Motivation

26:56 eisy: Domainkauf mit Mehrwert

Domains snappen und Mehrwert rausziehen

27:57 eisy: KWFinder Test

KWFinder Test und Erfahrungen

29:53 toushenne: Beispiele für E-Mail-Marketing Strategien

32:11 Patrick Meinung

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