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Optimizing news search with New York Times SEO, Matthew Brown at SES New York 2010

Greg Jarboe, SEO-PR, interviews Matthew Brown, New York Times, about the news search optimization panel at SES New York, 2010. Matthew says news search is a lot different than a mere Google Web search. The guidelines are different when you conduct a news search via Google, Yahoo and other news search engines and you need to pay attention to such things as sitemaps, how often youre publishing, which help determine how successful you will become in getting featured in a news search engine. Greg alludes to a previous New York Times article that explored the gap between how people search and how literal a publisher may want to make a headline as opposed to speaking using an editorial voice. Matthew says people search in a more sophisticated way now and are more comfortable using search engines such as Yahoo, Bing and Google and stringing together search queries and are no longer limited to one or two word queries. The way people search now has caught up to the way journalists and editors want to write their headlines. You have to be accurate in how you report a story online in order for your story to be found, says Matthew, while at the same time you want to be using language that matches up with the key terms being used by people who are searching for those news stories. Google, Yahoo and Bing remain great traffic sources for the New York Times, according to Matthew, but you cant publish in a vacuum. You are creating content not just for the search engines but for your print readers and online readers. And you must also pay attention to where your traffic is coming from, optimizing for those who are using social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

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SEO News and Updates | Another Google Algorithm Change?

In this video: Another Google algorithm change?

Free Local Ranking Factor Report:

00:13 – Google Update?
00:28 – Sites bouncing around in search
00:46 – Free Cool Guide for your Local SEO
Special Bonus Report: Google Local Ranking Factors

Hey, it’s Jesse Erickson with your SEO News, and we have a fairly big announcement to make, and it revolves around Google, of course. Google is actually going through an algorithm change, within the next 24 to 48 hours. They do this every, I would say, one or two months and the last one back in January was fairly significant. We notice a lot of our sites bounced around and all of our sites, every single one of them that we manage right now are bouncing around in search results. So, if you are noticing that your website is bouncing around in search, that’s why we have an algorithm change that’s coming, you know, in the next 24 or 48 or 72 hours.

So, the other thing I wanted to talk to you about is a Local Ranking Factor Report that I am going to attach below this video here. Now, what this is, it is basically a collaboration of people that are very very well respected in the industry that put together survey, and said you know, how is it that one particular Google Listing ranks over another, and then they break it out on the factors.

What type of factors? Actually elevated with one listing over another, things like on page optimization, off page optimization, your reviews, how close your physical location is to the center of the city, and I won’t spoil the whole report. But I will say this, if you have set up your own local listing, and you managed it, definitely, what to read this. Not only would you want to read it, bookmark it and reference it frequently. We use it each and every day, as we manage our clients’ local listings and Google Local. So, that’s it, that’s your SEO Update. If you have any questions, Go and post them below. Shoot as an email or give us a phone call. I appreciate you’re watching and we’ll see you, next time.

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Seo InGuk デビューコンベンション for HOT CHILI PAPER NEWS

一緒に飲みたい男ナンバーワン! 堪能な日本語にも注目でっす!

 リニューアル第1号 5月31日発売

Hacker News Nation #22 – Chris and Mattan Learn SEO with The Shortcutts

In this week’s episode, Chris and Mattan discuss…

Why UPS Trucks Rarely Turn Left (

The Short Cutts

screenshot: meta tags

1) Is it necessary for every page to have a meta description?
No – Keep them unique and apply them to the most important pages.

2) Does code validation affect SEO?
NO – too many sites are fucked up

3) Will my site’s ranking be hurt if I use HTTPS instead of HTTP?

Comic Sans, meet Comic Neue (

Progress Button Styles (
note: you’ll need some video to match what mattan is looking at

Mathematicians find way to put 7 cylinders in contact without using their ends (

Breaking: OnlinePartners mergers with Aarhus agency l World SEO-news

The danish SEO & SEM agency OnlinePartners clears the headlines today with the annoucement of a merger with the Aarhus-based search agency ”Flere Kunder”.

The company will continue under the name ”OnlinePartners” & former CEO and SEO-specialist from Flere Kunder, Tina Halkjær Jensen, enters the company as partner & manager of the Aarhus-office.

CEO of OnlinePartners, Rune Hansen, says that the merger will contribute positively to the companys search marketing solutions, increasing the quality and effect further, due to Flere Kunders big know-how in, among other things, using Content Marketing as a key element in SEO-strategies, and it will therefore strengthen their position on the market.

The SEO-superstar at OnlinePartners, Senior SEO specialist Grosen Friis, states that he is, quote: ”Looking much forward to work with the new talented search marketing geeks from Aarhus”.

OnlinePartners pulled international headlines on huge search marketing websites such as the Search Engine Journal in 2013, when OnlinePartners wrote, recorded & published a SEO christmas song that with more than 75.000 views on YouTube became a huge smashhit among SEO-enthusiasts worldwide.

Happy Together – Park Hyungsik, Seo Gangjun, Shin Hyunjoon & more! (2014.10.16)

Family Special: The hosts and reporter of the weekly live entertainment news show “Entertainment Tonight” – Park Eunyeong, Shin Hyunjoon, Kim Saengmin line one side of the sauna. Opposite them are five actors from the weekend drama “What Happens to My Family” – Son Dambi, Yoon Bak, Park Hyungsik, Seo Gangjun, Nam Jihyeon.
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The Website Reseller Program Where You Make Big, Fat Profits

This is a very different kind of website reseller program. Of course, like all HubShout services, it’s a white label website reseller program. Any website designer, SEO provider, SEO reseller, ad agency, marketing firm, graphic designer, etc. can sign up for the website reseller program and sell our websites under their own private label. But more importantly, our website reseller program offers high quality, low cost websites leaving plenty of room for the website reseller to mark up the price and make a very nice profit. The website reseller determines the mark up. The net profit is up to the website reseller. The simple process begins with the website reseller proposal tool to create a professional proposal and provide an instant price quote for the client. The price is displayed in real time as features are added or removed from the proposal. It’s incredibly easy for the website reseller to create a proposal based on the client’s budget. Then, use the Project Requirements Questionnaire (PRQ) that gives our website resellers a huge advantage: gather all the client’s requirements at the very start of the project and avoid disputes, disagreements and miscommunications with the customer. It’s a lifesaver. Our team takes it from there and delivers a custom website, designed to the client’s specifications and budget. Our website resellers have access to professional developers, designers, writers, video producers and we also provide website support and hosting as part of the website reseller program. Our website reseller can provide a brand new website or update an existing site. Watch this webinar to see how it’s done and how easy it is to become a website reseller.
This webinar is part of HubShout’s SEO reseller training series.

[ETN] Entertainment News : In-guk Seo

[ETN] 연예스테이션 : 광해군을 다룬 픽션 사극 ‘왕의 얼굴’ 제작발표회

영조와 사도세자의 갈등에 맞불, 선조와 광해의 갈등을 그린 사극 ‘왕의 얼굴’. 역사 속의 폭군이 아니라 또 다른 이면을 지닌 광해가 그려진다는데요. 드라마 ‘왕의 얼굴’ 출연진들을 만나보세요.

Entertainment News : In-guk Seo

Social Media Web 2.0 SEO : Social Media Marketing Strategy for News Aggregrators

Social Media Web 2.0 SEO : ( Free Social Media Marketing Analysis at ) In this video, we cover how to use social media marketing strategy using news aggregators. This video has been provided under a creative commons share-alike license. This video was provided by LearnSocialMedia.TV, social media training videos : – Simple, easy to follow training videos. Giovanni Gallucci, SocialMediaStrategies.TV” –