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What’s NEWS upgrade 2.3.1

Thank you for updating Yoast SEO!
Yoast SEO 2.3 helps you optimize your site showing you errors straight from Google Search Console, and pointing you at posts that need work.

Thanks for reading our contribution guidelines! What do you want to do:

File a bug / an issue
Security issues
Contribute to Yoast SEO

Filing issues
Please Note: GitHub is for bug reports and code contributions only – if you have a support question or a request for a customisation don’t post here, go to our Support Forum instead.

For localization, please refer to translate.yoast.com, though bugs with strings that can’t be translated are welcome here.

How to write a useful bug report

If you think you have found a bug (we acknowledge that that’s a possibility), please make sure you’re using the latest version of the plugin. If possible check out the latest version from GitHub and see if the bug still exists there.

A useful bug report explains:

What you were trying to achieve.
What you were expecting to happen.
What actually happened, illustrated with screenshots if possible.
Your bug report should also contain your WordPress version and if there are any errors, the exact error text, including line numbers.

Blank / white screen

If you’re getting a blank screen and you report just that, we can do absolutely nothing. By default, your WordPress install suppresses all errors, to prevent information leaks, but we need those errors to be able to help you. If you apply the small piece of code in this post on WP_DEBUG to your site, you should be able to open the URL that gave you a white screen, append ?debug=debug to the URL and get the actual error.

That error will help us, without that error, we’re completely in the dark about your white page problem…

Interface errors

If you’re reporting a bug about specific interface elements not working as expected, there’s probably an error showing in your browsers JavaScript console. Please open your browsers console and copy the exact error showing there, or make a screenshot. If you don’t know how to open your browsers console, here is info for Chrome and Firefox. For IE, some Googling will help but it changes with every version.

Security issues
Please do not report security issues here, but email them to security at yoast dot com so we can deal with them securely and quickly.

Contribute to Yoast SEO
Community made patches, localisations, bug reports and contributions are very welcome and help make Yoast SEO remains the #1 SEO plugin for WordPress.

When contributing please ensure you follow the guidelines below so that we can keep on top of things.

Getting Started

If there is no ticket for your issue, submit it first, following the above guidelines.

Making Changes

Fork the repository on GitHub (make sure to use the trunk branch, not master).
Make the changes to your forked repository.
Ensure you stick to the WordPress Coding Standards and have properly documented any new functions, actions and filters following the documentation standards.
When committing, reference your issue (if present) and include a note about the fix.
Push the changes to your fork and submit a pull request to the ‘trunk’ branch of the Yoast SEO repository.
At this point you’re waiting on us to merge your pull request. We’ll review all pull requests, and make suggestions and changes if necessary.

“Patch welcome” issues

Some issues are labeled “Patch-welcome”. This means we see the value in the particular enhancement being suggested but have decided for now not to prioritize it. If you however decide to write a patch for it we’ll gladly include it after some code review.

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Hướng dẫn seo web lên top với google news 2015

Đây là một cách seo web khá mới ít người biết đến nó khá thành công và được các báo sử dụng. Google News hiện ở ngay đầu hay giữa cái trang đầu tiên của kết quả tìm kiếm tự nhiên, nó thì thường là xuất hiện của các báo lớn do Google tự động cập nhật về chứ ko phải bọn nó gửi,nó to nên có quyền đc ưu tiên.

BrightonSEO Video – News Search Tools for SEO: Identifying Trending Topics

Video from BrightonSEO http://www.brightonseo.com provided by Silicon Beach Training, provider of SEO Training Courses: http://www.siliconbeachtraining.co.uk/seo/

Colin attended BrightonSEO 2011 on 1st April.
This video features SEO consultant Malcolm Coles who shared some of his favourite news search tools for identifying trending topics (and therefore what to blog or write about).

Our summary of the SEO News Search Tools mentioned here (and also the brilliant ‘Karen Gillan’s Underwear’ Example can be found at:

SEO News With Neil Patel (made with Spreaker)


Neil Patel bring some SEO News of what will work in the upcoming years for search rankings and content marketing so that we can stay ahead in this ever changing game.

show notes: http://moneydiver.com/seo-news-neil-patel

Local SEO News for July 25 by @CaseyMeraz | Ethical SEO Consulting

Having problems following up on all of the Local SEO News? No problem! @CaseyMeraz from Ethical SEO Consulting is here to help with his first weekly video. This week Casey is covering the re-introduction of stars into local results and updates about the Google Local Carousel. Have a question you need answered? Feel free to reach out to Casey on Twitter @CaseyMeraz

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