Ishqbaaz Anika revealed to be brainbox behind Ranveer Priyanka wedlock, Shivaay,seo buy cheep

As seen till now, Pinky has already revealed her true face before Anikaa leaving Anikaa completely shattered.

However, Anika can not disclose the same to Shivay as Shivay loves Pinky and can not trust anyone against Pinky not even Anikaa.

Further as per the latest track, Anikaa notices Pinky plotting along with someone while Anika goes to find out the person and she will get trapped.
Anikaa in fix, Shivay shaken

Anikaa will get shocked that Pinky is trapped in her cunning plan while Anika will get knocked for six when Anika will be revealed to Ranveer-Priyanka wedlock.

Shivay and Omkara will burst out at Priyanka for wedlock, Shivaay,seo buy cheep betraying them while the center of attraction will be Anikaa.