Tips Tuesday Recap– Secure Site Setup, WP Text Widget and Editor, SEO Crawler

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Tips this week include:
• Launch of the Secure Site Setup Webinar
• How doing new things on your site can reveal problems
• Why same ole same ole site ways don’t cut it anymore
• How the Millennials are doing things differently – and succeeding
• How getting educated about your site saves you from getting ripped off
• Progress on the WP 4.8 Rich Text Widget
• When WP 4.8.1 might roll out
• Why some folks are pleading for Gutenberg to not be included in core
• When we might see Gutenberg available for all sites
• The new link counter in Yoast SEO 5.0 and how to make use of it
• Why you shouldn’t worry about duplicate content issues when repurposing
• A new SEO crawler I’m checking out
• Let’s Encrypt passing the 100 million mark with certificates and what’s coming
• Rich Snippets basics and adding them with Google Tag Manager
• Why nginx is a host’s best friend to speed up a site
• Which is the best host for you