Know what the indicator means – it’s important!

If you are the proud owner of a vehicle, you should certainly know about the alarm lights that will show up when something is about to go wrong on your car’s dashboard. Try to pay attention, as a conscientious driver, to the dashboard indicator lights in your vehicle. Be intelligent and never ignore the alarm lights on the vehicle dashboard.

Here are 5 types of light signals that you cannot ignore and common car warning symbols:

1. Alert Lights for Engine

One of the most popular lights you need to know about is the engine warning lights. If this alarm light sparks on, it means that many problems might occur. From something basic like a loose gas cap to something serious like an issue with a transformer, it can mean multiple things when the engine alarm lights up.

2. Battery Light Battery Light

It basically means that the car battery is not charged when the batter light indicator comes up. Now, for different reasons, such as loose or corroded terminal cables, bad battery cell/cell condition or a malfunctioning alternator, this can happen. Your car will not halt suddenly because of this, but it will not run smoothly for too long. In the end, you will be left without enough power to even restart your car.

3. Alert Light for Brake

The brake warning light can be one of several issues and is one of the most important warning lights that can be seen as part of the dashboard warning lights. If you haven’t pulled all the way down your hand brake or foot brake, this light will start flashing. You’ll just have to press the brake down in order for it to stop.

4. Airbag Light Warning

Most people think this unique warning light is not significant, but it is, in fact. You would have to take some course of action if this light icon comes on your dashboard. First off, there is a risk that if this vehicle warning light is on, the airbags will not activate in the course of a crash.

5. Alert Light for Coolant

It means that your vehicle is now at a temperature that is dangerous and unsafe if you see the coolant alarm light coming on. Immediately stop your car to allow it to cool off. After review, fill the refrigerant level to the desired maximum when you see that it is poor.

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