Importance of arts and craft classes for kids

Arts and crafts classes in Dubai schools seem to be very important for students. That is why art and crafts as a subject is becoming compulsory curriculum in the school. School owners are taking good steps to enhance the creativity among the students. That’s how they can increase the confidence level and can improve the creativity into the students. There is no doubt that art is kind of great activity of fun for children.  Kids love to enjoy the coloring with crayon or love to making statues with clay, folding paper for fine origami or designing a handmade birthday cards. By involving kids in art and craft activities you can build the physical and social development among the kids.

Here are major benefits of art and craft classes for kids.

Physical benefits for kids:

Here are some physical benefits of art and craft classes for kids.

Develop the motor skills:

Well art and craft activities relate to moving fingers and hands. These activities help in developing the motor skills in kids. Holding a paintbrush or coloring with pencil helps to give their muscle strengthens. It also improves their control skills.  That is why painting classes in Dubai is much valuable activity for kids.

Enhance the agility:

These artistic activities enhance the dexterity and agility in kids. Enhancement of motor skills and regular practice will also increase the manual dexterity, speed will and artistic skills in kids.

Improve the eye and hand coordination:

By engaging students in art and craft activity, it enhances the eye and hand coordination in students. This helps when kid learn to formatting the letters like after later primary.

Social Benefits of art and craft classes:

They learn to appreciate culture and art:

By doing art and craft activities children learn to appreciate the images of cultures and artifacts. They understand about the artistic work and can make difference between good or bad work. They learn to think like artist and designers, work with intelligently and more creatively.

Improves the self expression: 

By taking part in artistic activities such as music, art and crafts, kid get good opportunity to express them positively. They learn that how to create the artwork by their own.

Helps to boost confidence:

Art and craft activities boost the confidence level in kids. They get pride and sense of achievement.