Side effects of wearing makeup

No doubt that there is so much benefits of wearing makeup like self-confidence, helps in professional life, makes you look younger, you can take photos, makes your appearance good, and so many things which is beneficial for you. Some beauty salons in Dubai marina tell you the both benefits and side effects of wearing the makeup. Hair salon in jlt tells you that how to care your hair and what you should use to grow for your hairs. But wearing make up all the time can be harmful for your health because some chemicals are used to make cosmetics which cannot be good for your healthy life. These chemicals can be reason of some diseases and could affect your skin and body. So try to use less makeup. Let’s see some disadvantages or side effects of wearing makeup.

Headache problem

Wearing make up all the time can be reason of headache because in makeup cosmetics some chemicals cannot be good for your skin and with the use of too much makeup it affects your head and become the problem of headache and then you cannot concentrate on your work. Because you will feel irritation and it will also affect your eyes.

Hair falling problems

We know that trends are changing in fashion; everyday here is new inventions in cosmetics especially for hair. You have  to use hair gels ,conditioners, shampoos and hair sprays etc. the continued use of these things can damage your hair and you can have hair falling problem then you will have to face bald head problem, dandruff problem, clap redness and color could be change of your hairs.

Acne problem

Most common side effect of wearing makeup is acne problem which women have to face mostly. Well your skin is too much sensitive which cannot bear the chemicals. Your skin is part of your body which needs to grow well. When you wear the makeup most of the time it will affect your skin and you have to face acne. So make sure before sleeping to clean your face properly.

Allergies of Skin

Some chemicals like ethyl-paraban are used in cosmetics which is not suitable for everyone so most of the women get allergies with the use of these makeup products. You get irritation on your face and could be reason of blemishes sometime. Another allergy of wearing makeup is rashes and hives if you have sensitive skin.