History of Mac

Who needs an introduction to Mac but for those who don’t know that Mac’s full name is Macintosh and these started as personal computers that were designed and manufactured by Apple Inc and this was back in 1984. There were the latest kind of computers back then after the old type of computers, these ones had amazing graphics and the best user-friendly interface and now there are some of the best products of Mac in the market. There are watches, home security systems, appliances, for commercial use, best antivirus for Mac and much more. If you want to know more about Mac then it is best that we get to know about its history in the shape of timeline.

1978: Steve Jobs was the first person who proposed about Apple and the development of next generation computers.

1979: A researcher named Raskin who happen to be the director of publications and the reviewer of new product, the project of low cost and latest computers by Apple was projected under him. And this project was named as Macintosh. But Raskin soon left the company in 1982. The Apple employees and Steve Job visited the Xerox PARC, where they were shown the tech of the next gen and also visited the Xerox Alto which had the next gen graphic card,UI and programs that required the need of program.

1980: Apple Lisa was projected and was half ready when critics saw that there was a lot of similarity with PARC.

1981: this is the year when IBM introduced a PC and Apple welcomed IBM in the world of personal computers.

1983: this is the year when Apple Lisa was launched and only the giants of commercial companies could buy them because they costed $9,995 but at the end of year, the price was dropped down to $6,995. Mac and Apple Lisa had to combine and, in this same year, in December, Apple made an ad that aired on TVs and it got the best ad of the year and the same ad was also shown on Super Ball in 1984.

1984: Mac is launched at the price of $2,495 and the same year, Apple Lisa 2 was launched at the price of $3,495. A program named ‘Test drive a Mac’ was launched and this was open for 24 hours only.

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